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Transition Candle - Woods

Transition Candle - Woods

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In deep thought about my community of perfume lovers who prefer to smell the air more so than their skin, I created the Transition Candle. Escape into relaxation with this candle as you gently drift away from the worries of daily life. Let the unique blend of aromas elevate your mood, and transport you to a state of complete wellness.

In the spirit of circularity, longevity, and the natural ebbs and flows of life this candle can be used as a drinking vessel for hot and cold beverages, a flower vase, and beyond after being fully burnt.  

Luxe and minimal the vessel is made of clear borosilicate glass which is highly heat resistant and durable. 

Currently offered in the Woods scent. 

Height: 3.5 inches

Exterior Diameter: 3.375 inches

Interior Diameter: 3 inches


Fractionated coconut oil and or Jojoboa oil 

Essential oil & absolutes 

Phthalate & carcinogen free fragrance oil

All perfumes are crafted and mixed by Latoya in her home in small batches. 


30ml / 1 ounce Glass cylinzer bottle bottle

Care information

This is an oil based perfume. Rum rollerball on pulse points and then DAB, do not rub/smear.

Do not rub the perfume oil directly on clothes since it will leave an oil stain. If you like piutting perfume on your clothesm thats fine, just do it on a black wool or cotton fabric where it will not show nor will it mess up the fabric permanantly like silk/satin.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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