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In Reverence Of Parfums



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Customer favorite just rebranded! Previously called Milk Bath

Bath is the perfect scent for a calming mood or just an easy-to-love scent with notes of Lavender, milk, and slight notes of honey and lemon.

It is soft-sweet and works well for men and women.

It is a light yet punchy scent that is perfect for all occasions that will attract compliments but overpowering.

Perfect for lovers of perfumes that sit close to the skin.

***This is not an actual bath oil or scent to add to a bath. It is a skin fragrance.*** :) Just clarifying potential confusion.


Fractionated coconut oil and or Jojoboa oil 

Essential oil & absolutes 

Phthalate & carcinogen free fragrance oil

All perfumes are crafted and mixed by Latoya in her home in small batches. 


30ml / 1 ounce Glass cylinzer bottle bottle

Care information

This is an oil based perfume. Rum rollerball on pulse points and then DAB, do not rub/smear.

Do not rub the perfume oil directly on clothes since it will leave an oil stain. If you like piutting perfume on your clothesm thats fine, just do it on a black wool or cotton fabric where it will not show nor will it mess up the fabric permanantly like silk/satin.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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